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Venting Options

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Help your building breathe by adding a venting option and allow air to circulate. This also lets excess heat escape in the summer. You can feel a big difference in temperature in a shed with venting compared to one without venting. Ridge Vents are especially good for reducing heat because heat naturally rises and can escape effortlessly.

Vents are also valuable if you plan to use your shed as a workshop or to store lawn mowers. Vents give fumes from things like paint and gas another place to escape. 


Your Venting Options:

1. Gable End Vents (standard or wooden arch top)

One installed on each gable end of the structure.
Available in a variety of colors.


2. 10' Ridge Vent (aluminum or shingle-over)

Shingle-over matches shingles on roof.

3. Eave Side Venting 

Venting soffit on the entire length of the eave side of your building.

4. Cupola (Wood or Vinyl)

18" Wood cupolas painted to match building (with same shingle color as roof)

18" Vinyl cupolas in white only (with same shingle color as roof).

5. Weather Vane (Rooster or Horse & Buggy)

Add a weather vane to the top of your cupola for added charm.