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Sun-Mar Composting Toilets and Garden Composters

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Sun-Mar Composting Toilets


Sun-Mar toilets are the safest and most environmentally friendly method of waste treatment. These composting toilets evaporate liquids and compost the solids, so on most models there is absolutely no output and no contamination of ground water. Sun-Mar composting toilets have saved over 3.3 billion gallons of water and counting!


Sun-Mar is a world leader in composting toilet technology with a unique, patented Bio-drum™ design that means fast, odor-free composting. Sun-Mar toilets are the only ones certified by NSF to NSF/ANSI Standard #41 for residential and cottage use (most regulators require NSF certification). They're designed so air is constantly being drawn in and up the vent stack providing odor-free operation. Sun-Mar’s unique 3 chamber technology means easy operation and maintenance.


They are an ideal solution...

• Where it's not possible or cost-effective to install a conventional toilet

• As an environmentally friendly alternative

• For homes, garages, warehouses, barns, pool cabanas, cabins, mines, RV’s, boats, and other locations


What is Composting?

Composting converts organic matter back to its essential minerals. Aerobic microbes do this in the presence of moisture and air, by converting carbon to carbon dioxide gas, and hydrogen to water vapor. As a result, some 95% of the starting material is evaporated and the resulting compost is recycled back to nature.



General Benefits

• No Plumbing

• No Water

• Odor-Free

• Inexpensive Solution


Environmental Benefits

• No Pollution

• Save Water

• Recycle Nutrients

• Little or No Liquid Output




3 Easy Steps to determine Which Model is right for me?


Step 1: Self-Contained vs. Central Units

Self-Contained Units

Self-Contained units are installed directly in the bathroom.


Main Features:

• Quick and easy to install

• Waterless – no plumbing required

• Electrical units can evaporate all liquids under normal conditions

• Easy to clean having a durable shiny contoured finish        

Central Units

Central units have a conventional looking toilet in the bathroom and a separate composting unit. They are available in two styles - low water flush and A/F waterless.


Low water style systems:

• Feature a conventional looking toilet in the bathroom

• Can be connected to multiple bathrooms


Waterless style systems (A/F kit required):

• Feature a conventional looking toilet in the bathroom

• No plumbing necessary


Step 2: Electric vs. Non-Electric

Electric Units

Select an electric composting toilet if you have a standard electricity supply. These units feature high quality fans and thermostatically controlled heaters. 

Non-Electric Units

Select these if you have no power or are using alternative energy. These toilets feature a higher capacity ventilation stack.

Dual Voltage

Select the AC/DC Kit if you require the option of operating in a standard electric mode (115 Volt) or with only a 12 Volt 1.4 fan or with no power at all.


Step 3: Capacity

Select a toilet based on the right capacity for your needs. Although advertised capacities can be doubled for short periods, selecting a toilet with the maximum number of users in mind in recommended. Sun-Mar offers units with capacities ranging from 1 adult to 6 adults (or a family of 8). 





All Our Sun-Mar Composting Toilet Models

Self-Contained Units

Sun-Mar self contained composting toilet white excel model

Excel (Features a detachable footrest)

High Capacity Electric Unit

Composting Capacity
Residential/Continuous: 3 Adults or Family of 5
Weekend/Vacation: 6 Adults or Family of 8

Voltage:  115V, 230V, or AC/DC option*

Color Options: White (shown) or Bone

Sun-Mar self contained composting toilet bone excel non electric model 

Excel NE (Features a detachable footrest)

High Capacity Non-Electric Unit

Composting Capacity
Residential/Continuous: 2 Adults or Family of 3
Weekend/Vacation: 5 Adults or Family of 7

Voltage:  N/A

Color Options: White or Bone (shown)

Sun-Mar self contained composting toilet white compact model


Medium Capacity Electric Unit

Composting Capacity
Residential/Continuous: 1 Adult 
Weekend/Vacation: 3 Adults or Family of 4

Voltage:  115V or 230V

Color Options: White (shown) or Bone

Sun-Mar self contained composting toilet white space saver model

SpaceSaver (Features a detachable footrest)

Medium Capacity Electric Unit

Composting Capacity
Residential/Continuous: 1 Adult 
Weekend/Vacation: 3 Adults or Family of 4

Voltage:  115V or 230V

Color Options: White (shown)

Sun-Mar self contained composting toilet bone color mobile model


Medium Capacity Electric Unit

Composting Capacity
Residential/Continuous: 1 Adult 
Weekend/Vacation: 3 Adults or Family of 4

Voltage:  115V, 230V, or 12V

Color Options: Bone (shown)

Sun-Mar Mobile is designed for use on boats and RVs. It eliminates the need for pump outs. The Mobile is engineered to accommodate motion with mounting brackets, a sealed finishing drawer and fold up footrest. The Mobile includes an air filtration kit for odor-free deck level venting on boats.


Central Units

Sun-Mar centrex 1000 series central unit composting toilet

Centrex 1000 Series

Regular Capacity Electric Unit

Composting Capacity
Residential/Continuous: N/A
Weekend/Vacation: 5 Adults or Family of 7
(Capacity reduced by 1 person for non electric model)

Voltage: 115V, 230V, or Non-Electric or AC/DC option*

Water: Ultra Low Water Flush

Sun-Mar centrex 2000 series central unit composting toilet

Centrex 2000 Series

High Capacity Electric Unit

Composting Capacity
Residential/Continuous: 4 Adults or Family of 6
Weekend/Vacation: 7 Adults or Family of 9
(Capacity reduced by 1 person for non electric model)

Voltage: 115V, 230V, or Non-Electric or AC/DC option*

Water: Ultra Low Water Flush or A/F Waterless Option*

Sun-Mar centrex 3000 series central unit composting toilet

Centrex 3000 Series

High Capacity Electric Unit

Composting Capacity
Residential/Continuous: 6 Adults or Family of 8
Weekend/Vacation: 9 Adults or Family of 11
(Capacity reduced by 1 person for non electric model)

Voltage: 115V, 230V, or Non-Electric or AC/DC option*

Water: Ultra Low Water Flush or A/F Waterless Option*

Incorporates Autoflow® technology (automatic discharge of compost to a separate collection chamber)

Centrex System Toilet Options


Sun-Mar centrex system toilet option

Ultra Low Flush Toilets (Model 510)

Using roughly one pint of water per flush, this porcelain ultra low flush toilet provides the look of conventional toilet with minimizing water usage. Several toilets can be installed to a single Centrex unit. Where additional height is required for the toilet to gravity feed to the composting unit, a low profile Model 511 is offered. Available in white or bone (shown) colors.


Sun-Mar centrex system toilet option

CENTREX A/F Waterless Toilet

The A/F waterless toilet offers features similar to a conventional toilet. Available in white (shown) or bone colors and regular sized seat, this toilet is used with a Centrex 2000 or Centrex 3000 unit configured for waterless use. Centrex A/F toilets are connected directly above a Centrex unit.


​*Kit Required         †Contact Sun-Mar for A/F capacity ratings




Sun-Mar units are designed for easy installation!

All Units Include:

 • Vent kit

• Warranty card

• Owner operating and care manual    

• Starting accessories including Compost Sure bulking agent

• Compost Quick enzyme for cleaning and accelerating composting and Microbe Mix bacteria



View and download a Sun-Mar Composting Toilet Brochure here (more information and specifications inside).





Sun-Mar Garden Composters - composting made easy

Sun-Mar Garden Composters


Patented Double Drum Composters with Autoflow


Available in two sizes:

• Sun-Mar 200

• Sun-Mar 400



Sun-Mar Garden Composters features include continuous composting, no waiting for batches to finish, pest resistant, loads and turns easily, and compost exits automatically


Sun-Mar 200

The SUN-MAR 200 is a continuous composter with a 6 bushel (50 gal.) capacity, excellent for composting kitchen scraps and a few cut up garden trimmings.

200 Garden Composter Specifications:

Height: 31”
Overall Length: 331.2”
Depth: 24”
Product Weight: 38 lbs



Sun-Mar 400

The SUN-MAR 400 is a continuous composter with an 11 bushel (100 gal.) capacity (almost twice the size of the 200), excellent for composting kitchen scraps and cut-up materials from small gardens.

400 Garden Composter Specifications:

Height: 36”
Overall Length: 42”
Depth: 28”
Product Weight: 60 lbs



Why Compost?

A SUN-MAR Garden Composter is a gardener’s dream. You know that by recycling you are doing the right thing, and it’s fun to produce your own compost effortlessly.


Benefits of Composting Your Kitchen and Yard Waste Include:

  1. Healthier plants, because of the improved soil structure and additional nutrients in the compost
  2. Reduced waste disposal costs
  3. FREE source of fertilizer
  4. Reduced water bills, because soil mixed with
    compost retains water better than regular soil


Four Reasons You’ll Enjoy Using Our Sun-Mar Composters:

  1. You’ll be creating first class
    compost material
  2. You’ll send less waste to the dump
  3. You’ll have easy to use,
    top-of-the line equipment
  4. Less likely to be bothered by pests




Composting the SUN-MAR way

Keep the compost moist and oxygenated.

This means rotating the drum regularly to add oxygen, and adding water when the compost gets dry.

Aim for the right carbon/nitrogen ratio.

Adding a mixture of kitchen and regular yard waste is effective, but for better, faster results, add carbon-rich material (browns) like sawdust, straw, dry leaves, or wood chips. These balance the nitrogen-rich green material and kitchen waste. Chop up the waste if possible: the smaller it is, the faster the breakdown process.

Keep the compost warm.

This is not usually a concern because the compost in the drum and the drum’s insulating properties keep the heat in.

If you use only kitchen waste, you may need to add bulking material or pre-composted material to help with oxygen penetration as the drum rotates.



View and download a Sun-Mar Garden Composter Brochure here.

View and download a brochure for Sun-Mar Garden Composter Accessories here.