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About Rent To Own

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"How does your Rent To Own program work?" It's a question many of our customers are curious about. Our 36-month Rent To Own program makes purchasing the structure you need easy and affordable. Call us crazy, but we offer this option with absolutely no credit check. Good credit, bad credit, no credit... you're approved!


Rent To Own payments are roughly $50/month for every $1000 of the retail price

With affordable monthly payments, you can figure it into your monthly budget instead of worrying about depleting your savings. Our Rent To Own program consists of 36 monthly payments. At the time you purchase your structure, you'll put 2-4 monthly payments down. You can choose to be billed monthly (requiring 3 monthly payments down) or have your monthly payment automatically withdrawn from your bank account or credit card (requiring 2 monthly payments down). Our Rent-To-Own program works out to roughly $50/monthly payment for every $1,000 of retail price. For example: A $2,000 structure would require roughly $100.00/monthly payment with $200.00 (2 payments) down with auto withdraw or $300.00 (3 payments) down with monthly billing. After your 36 payments, you'll be the official owner of the building!


Rent To Own mean your don't have to break the bank

You're probably thinking "There must be more to Rent To Own than that! Is it really that easy?" It really is that easy! When you place your order, the sales manager will fill out a Rent To Own contract with you which explains all the details. If you have any questions, just ask! Your monthly payments will begin once your building is delivered. If you would like to make an extra payment, pay off your structure early, or are having trouble making payments, contact the rent to own program's company directly. The staff will gladly answer your questions and concerns about your account.


Alyssa discussing mini barn options with customers in hazelton, pa

There are a few more details you should know... Our Rent To Own program is available for purchases from $1,000.00 to $9,000.00. Certain products may require more than 2-3 monthly payments down. Bargain Corner buildings require 4 monthly payments down. There are also a few products not eligible for our Rent To Own program, such as gazebos, pavilions, horse barns, two-story buildings, modular buildings, cabins (and all buildings to be used as a residence), buildings without a floor. Rent To Own on greenhouses and select animal shelters are limited to purchases where the structure is delivered inside PA and purchased at a PA retail store. Customers who do not make monthly payments will have their structure repossessed. Households with a previous Rent To Own contract where the structure had to be repossessed are not eligible for new Rent To Own contracts. Talk to your local sales manager for all the details!




*Availability of Rent To Own program may vary from store to store. Ask your local store manager for all the details about the Rent To Own program available to you.