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Your Kids Want A Backyard Playhouse... And You Should Too!

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Are your kids begging you for a playhouse in the backyard? Here's our top 6 reason why you should want a play house too!


Your Kids Want a Backyard Playhouse... And You Should Too! | Pine Creek Structures Blog


1... A playhouse keeps your kids moving and exercising! Children will be running, crawling, and moving around a new playhouse. Some of our models feature a loft area with a ladder... add climbing to that movement list too!


2... A playhouse can help social skill development. Your kids will be excited to show their playhouse to any friend that visits. It creates a space where children can learn to share, communicate, and play together.


3... A playhouse can promote responsibility and independent play! It can be a tool to teach the skills of responsibility to your kids. Create a set of rules with your kids for the play area together. With a playhouse, your children will have a designated space to play while you are doing yard work or relaxing on the patio nearby.


4... A playhouse can double a storage space! All those bikes, pool toys, and other outdoor toys can be safely stored inside your playhouse during the cold months when your family is staying indoors.


5... A playhouse becomes CUTE storage space later in life. When your children grow older and no longer desire a playhouse, it can become extra storage space for you. It's an adorable storage shed already in your backyard. At Pine Creek Structures, all our playhouse models feature an adult size door. When you kids are small, it lets you join the fun of playtime. Then when you transition into using the playhouse as a storage shed, it allows easy access for boxes and totes to be moved in and out.


6... Last but not least, a playhouse promotes PLAY! Play is key role is a child's mental and physical development. It encourages your child's imagination to grow and gives the a space to be creative. Play is an integral part of how a child can learn many skills including physical, cognitive, communication, and social.



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