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What Is LP Smart Side? Explaining This Shed Siding Choice

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LP Smart Side is on of the most popular siding types for outdoor storage buildings at Pine Creek Structures. But what is it? Let us explain...


Like T1-11 siding, LP Smart Side siding features a cedar wood texture. It can be painted in a variety of colors so your building can match the color of you home or other outbuildings.


Variety of colors on LP Smart Side Siding with cedar texture


While it has the outer appearance of the T1-11 siding you may know, the similarities stop there. T1-11 siding is typically made of Plywood or OSB. LP Smart Side is an engineered wood siding product, meaning its is designed for superior durability.


Peak Style Storage Shed with LP Smart Side Siding   Cape Cod Style Storage Shed with LP Smart Side Siding


T1-11 siding is susceptible to water damage, which can cause warping, swelling, delamination, and rot in T1-11 siding. Regular maintenance is required to prevent these issues. It is also highly susceptible to damage from insects (like termites). LP Smart Side siding resists moisture because of the advanced binders and wax that are used to treat each wood strand individually. Every panel of LP Smart Side goes through their SmartGuard® zinc borate-based process to help resist fungal decay and termite damage. LP Building Products tests their sidings in the harsh jungle environment in Hilo, Hawaii with over 170" of rain annually, high humidity, and a large termite population. LP Smart Side is proven to be a durable siding choice.


 LP Smart Side siding not only makes the exterior of your new storage shed beautiful, but also the inside! It features LP Building Products' Smart Finish. This durable overlay provides a clean look inside your building.


What Is LP Smart Side Graphic


LP Smart Side Features:

✔ Treated with SmartGuard Process*
✔ Free of Knots, Patches, and Face Voids
✔ Comprehensive 5/50-year Limited Warranty**
✔ Resists Fungal Decay
✔ Resists Termites
✔ Resists Face Splitting and Cracking
✔ Rich Cedar Grain Exterior Texture
✔ SmartFinish Interior Finish
✔ Superior Dent Resistance***


At Pine Creek Structures, we also offer a board 'n' batten style siding made for LP products. LP Board 'N' Batten siding provides the rustic and charming look of traditional pine boards, with the strength and durability of LP's products. The only minor difference is LP Board 'N' Batten siding does not feature the SmartFinish interior. We recommend choosing a polyurethane color for buildings with LP Board 'N' Batten siding for an even more beautiful natural wood look.




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* The SmartGuard process treats each wood strand throughout SmartSide products with an advanced formula of binders, waxes and zinc borate to resist fungal decay and termites.
** For full warranty details visit 
*** Based on FM4473 2" Ice Ball Impact Study.