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Price vs. Quality: You Get What You Pay For

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Cheaper isn't always better....


In today's economy, price has become a huge factor in where customers choose to purchase products... from clothes to groceries and yes, even storage sheds. But cheaper isn't always better. When it comes to portable structures, the old saying "You get what you pay for" couldn't be more true. With a Pine Creek Structure, you're paying for quality that will last. No worrying needed!


Our competitors may say they offer the 'same' thing for less... but if you take a closer look, you'll see a big difference. 


At Pine Creek Structures, we want to provide customers with structures that are built to last. It starts with choosing quality materials and also includes sturdy construction. We go above and beyond when it comes to quality. This is were many of our competitors fall short in order to cut prices. See exactly how we build structures better here, on our Features and Benefits page.

Sure, you could go down the road to the local home improvement store to purchase a storage shed for a lower price... but what are you getting for that so called good deal? Often times it's more trouble than it's worth in the long run.

With a Pine Creek Structure there's:

  • No settling on a shed that's not what you want and NEED just because you can't find the right style, colors, or extra features.
  • No worrying if you're structure's going to make it through that long snowy winter.
  • No need to replace damaged contents when the roof starts to leak in a year or so.
  • No worrying about the kids playing nearby because you think it might fall over if even the wind blows the wrong way.
  • No extra time spent shopping around again when it needs to be replaced.
  • No struggling to find someone to haul it away when it's time to deliver it's replacement!


The biggest difference between our structures and our competitors' is lumber quality. We could easily cut cost by choosing a lower quality lumber (like some of the competitors), but we're committed to providing our customers with a quality structure that will last. We won't sacrifice quality just to save a couple bucks.


Also note the little differences, you might not notice the first time you compare us to the others. Take our wall height, for example. We don't shorten our wall height to save on materials. In fact, our wall heights are a whole foot taller than some of our competitors!


Pine Creek Structures builds, sells, delivers, and services the sheds we offer. If there's a problem anywhere along the way, we hold ourselves responsible for solving it quickly and efficiently. Many other shed stores out there will say "Sorry, that's not our problem." We are here to honor our top-to-bottom warranty and our craftsmen's work. We have a dedicated service team, unlike many of our competitors.


Still not convinced? Come out and visit one of our many stores across the Mid-Atlantic and look inside some of our in stock structures! Ask the sales manager to point out the difference in quality compared to our competitors.

We understand that purchasing a storage shed can be a big decision financially and we want you to be sure of your decision! See your payment options (including Rent To Own with NO credit check) and how to order here. Stop by a sales lot and talk to a sales manager for more information and recommendations. We can recommend sizes, styles, options, and more based off your storage needs. We can even custom design a building exactly how you need it.




Ready to start designing your new shed or garage?

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