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Peak vs. Cape Cod: What's the difference between these two styles?

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At Pine Creek Structures, we offer our heavy-duty storage sheds in a variety of designs. Peak style buildings are one of our most popular style buildings. Like the Peak, our Cape Cod style also features a gable roof (two sloped sides creating gables on either end). So what's the difference? First, let's take a look at what's the same. Then, we'll break down the differences between Peak sheds and Cape Cod sheds.


Peak and Cape Cod Style Storage Sheds from Pine Creek Structures


BOTH Style Storage Sheds Include:

  • All structural components fastened with nails (no staples). Exterior nails are galvanized (for no rust spots).
  • 4x4 runners.
  • Pressure-treated floor joists.
  • 5/8" coated, engineered floor sheeting
  • Interlocking, double top wall plates and double studded corners
  • 16" on center framing
  • 2x4 door frames (set on edge for better support) with continuous piano hinges on LP models. Fiberglass doors with stainless steel but hinges on vinyl models.
  • Standard with GAF/ELK architectural shingles installed with nails that extend past the drip edge. Metal roofing also available for added fee.
  • Available in any siding type (Vinyl, LP, LP Shiplap, LP Board 'N' Batten, Traditional Board 'N' Batten, Cedar, or Log).
  • Available in your choice of colors (siding, trim, shutters, roof).
  • Completely customizable with the options you choose (ramps, shelves, lofts, vents, etc.)


Peak Style Storage Sheds with different siding from Pine Creek Structures


Peak Style Storage Sheds Include:

  • 5/12 Pitch Roof
  • Includes a double door (with standard door trim and hardware)
  • Includes two windows with slat/louvered shutters
  • Peak style buildings are our most affordable style of heavy-duty sheds

*Features noted for Side Entry layout (Front entry layout features a 16" front gable roof overhang and one less window)


Cape Cod Style Storage Sheds with different siding from Pine Creek Structures


Cape Cod Style Buildings Include:

  • 6-8/12 Pitch roof (a steeper pitch than a standard peak shed)
  • 8" roof overhang on all sides
  • Includes a double door and a single door
    • Buildings with LP siding also include New England style trim, face boards, and door hardware
  • Includes two windows with 'Z'/Raised-Panel Shutters
    • Buildings with vinyl siding also include wide aluminum trim around windows)
  • Cape Cod style sheds are slightly more expensive than Peak style sheds.



As you can see our Cape Cod sheds are a bit more upscale with the added features compared to a Peak shed. However, this upscale look comes with a slightly larger price tag. Even so, Cape Cod style buildings have become more and more popular with out customers over the years. Visit our 'Shed Styles' page to learn about ALL our building styles.