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How Your New Storage Shed Is Delivered

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So you decided you need a storage shed. You picked the size, the style, the colors, and all the options. Your site is prepared and ready to go. What’s next? Delivery.

Standard Storage Shed Delivery With A Truck and Trailer

For a typical building delivery, a driver from our delivery team will pull up to your home with your new storage shed on his truck or trailer. The driver back up to your site. He'll then carefully drop the shed off the trailer and into place. Our trailers are specially designed to unload buildings onto your prepared site. Before your new building arrives, you will need to move any obstacles in the driver's path.

Portable Garage being moved with the Shed Mule

If you have limited access, no problem. Our shed mule* allows delivery to areas with tight access. With out shed mule, we can navigate hard turns, slopes, and obstacles that a truck and trailer would not be able to move around. With the shed mule, the delivery access required is only slightly larger than the width of your building. The shed mule also offers delivery with approximately 20” less in height (compared to a standard trailer delivery).

Service Team Assembling A Buildings On Site

If the site for your new storage shed or garage is inaccessible by both truck and trailer and our shed mule, ask one of our shed experts about on-site construction.** With this option, our service team will bring all the materials for your building to your site. They will then assemble it completely on site, usually in a matter of hours.


When you place your order for a new storage shed, talk to your sales representative about your site. He or she can help you determine the best delivery option for your location.



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*Use of our Shed Mule for delivery includes an added fee.
**On-site construction of your building is available for an added fee.