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How A 'New England Package' Boosts Your Shed's Appearance

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At Pine Creek Structures, the 'New England Package' is an easy upgrade to add to your new storage shed for a classic and elevated look! Upgrading your building to a New England style look adds six upgrades to the doors, trim, shutters, and hardware. New England Packages are available on peak sheds, gambrel barns, and cottage style sheds.


Shed Comparisons: Standard vs. New England Style Buildings


‘Z’ Shutters: The New England package includes upgrading the building's window shutters from standard slat shutters to 'Z' shutters. These Z style shutters have an upgraded aesthetic compared to slat shutters with all 90 degree angles.

Shutters: Standard vs New England Style


Wider Door Trim: New England style buildings also include upgraded door trim. All the trim around the double doors are upgraded to a wider version without country corners. This style trim offers a classic and elevated look for your shed.

Door Trim: Standard vs New England Style


Transom Windows in Doors: New England style buildings include transom windows in the double doors. Not only do these additional windows elevate the look of your shed, they also allow additional natural light into the building.

Transom Windows In Doors: Standard vs New England Style


New England Hardware: Upgraded hardware is also included on the double doors of a building with a New England package. These special hinges and door handles offer a more unique detail than the standard shed hardware options.

Door Hardware: Standard vs New England Style


Wider Face Boards: The New England package include upgraded face boards (the boards the create a continuous band around the top of the building that follows the roofline). These wider boards are more visually pleasing than the standard version.

Faceboards: Standard vs New England Style


Wider Corner Trim: Similar the face boards, we also upgrade the building corners. Wide wood corners replace the standard aluminum corners. The wider size and upgrade material add a more expensive look to the building.

Corner Trim: Standard vs New England Style


Please Note: New England packages are most common on buildings with LP Smart Side siding. Features and their appearance my vary slightly on storage sheds with vinyl siding.



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