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How To Increase The Storage Space Inside Your Shed

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So you have a storage shed, but still need more storage space. Or maybe you are shopping for a building, but have a limit to how large the shed can be due to your yard size, budget, or HOA. Have no fear.... The most common 'complaint' we hear is 'I wish I would have bought a bigger building.' No matter the case, there are ways to increase your usable space inside a storage shed if you think smart and stay organized.



Increase your usable space inside your storage shed with a loft

1. Add a loft. Adding a loft inside your shed can add anywhere from 32 to 56 additional square feet of space inside your shed. That amount DOUBLES if you choose to add an second loft. It is an excellent solution for storing items you do not need to access daily. A loft allows you to get boxes and items up and off the floor, freeing up floor space and making room for items like your lawn mower.


Increase your usable space inside a storage shed with shelves

2. Add shelving. Whether you choose built in shelves or a freestanding unit, shelves make organization easy. They are a perfect solution for smaller items and boxes. Whether it's camping supplies, hunting gear, holiday decorations, paint cans, tools, gardening supplies, sports equipment, children's toys, or anything else... shelves give you extra square footage to organize these small items and keep them all easily accessible.


Increase your usable storage space inside your building with a loft

3. Add pegboard to the wall. Pegboard turns your wall into usable space. Hang rakes, shovels, and other equipment. Or use it to keep all your tools easily accessible and organized.


Lofts, shelves, and pegboard are just three easy ways to increase the amount of usable space inside your storage shed or garage. Ask your local store manager about adding these upgrades to your new storage shed or garage order. 



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