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Getting a New Storage Shed When You Have A Homeowner's Association

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What building to choose when you live in an HOA


When you live in a community with a homeowner's association, getting a storage shed can be a little tricky. Many HOAs have guidelines for storage sheds and buildings on your property. The specific rules and the enforcement of them can vary greatly from one group to another. We always recommend customers in a homeowner's association research the policies and seek approval before ordering a new storage shed.


Based on our years of experience working with customers living in HOA areas, here are our top 6 points to research and consider when choosing your new storage shed.



Style & Materials Restrictions

Many homeowner's associations have rules about a building's appearance. We most often see these type of guidelines with a goal of having your new storage shed match the look of your home. Sometimes certain siding or roofing materials are restricted. Some groups may require your siding and roofing to match your home as exactly as possible. If you know the exact siding and shingle types on your home, our sales team can work to find the closest match available. Some HOA guidelines may dictate the building style you choose. Many groups do not allow a Gambrel Barn style because the roof line generally doesn't match most homes. Some groups may allow a Peak style shed, but our Cape Cod and Victorian sheds are the most popular styles among customers in an HOA due to their upscale looks.



Colors Restrictions

Almost all homeowner's associations have guidelines regarding the colors on your new storage shed. Some may simply regulate the siding and roofing, while other may also have requirements for the trim, shutters, and doors. Usually your HOA will want the colors of your shed to match your home. At Pine Creek Structures, we have a wide variety of color choices. If none of our standard color choices are appropriate, we also offer custom color matching for both vinyl siding and paint colors! We recommend bringing a sample piece of your home's siding for comparison when choosing your building colors. If you can't bring a physical sample, take a few photos of your home (overall and close up) in good lighting for reference.



Size Restrictions

Most homeowner's associations have some type of size restrictions. Some list a maximum size in specific measurements, while others list a maximum size by total square footage. Your HOA many also have a height restriction for your building. Some may enforce these sizes generally, while others may enforce these rules down to the inch. 


*Pro Tip: If you order a building from us at Pine Creek Structures, the outside measurements generally are slightly bigger than the shed size you choose due to trim and roof overhangs. If your HOA is picky about measurements, you may want to choose a size under your HOA's maximin or ask about ordering a custom size building.



Delivery & Placement Restrictions

Your HOA may also dictate how and where your storage shed is placed. Some homeowner's associations require a concrete pad, while others are ok with stone. Many groups also have required setbacks from your property line. Builders may also have site preparation requirements. At Pine Creek Structures, we have minimum site prep requirements or your building's warranty is void.


Take landscaping into account also. We have had some cases of customers who wanted to place their new building in an area on their yard, but had to change their plans because they were not allowed to remove trees/shrubs near the original area.



Approval Requirements

Many homeowner's associations require an official approval before your building is delivered. We always recommend seeking approval before finalizing your order. This helps you avoid additional costs (due to changes), restocking fees (due to canceling your order), or the headache you'll have with a building on your property that's not approved and needs to be removed. Some groups even have more then one board you need to go through to receive approval. At Pine Creek Structures, we can supply you with brochures (physical or digital) and a copy of the estimate for you building (that notes the size, style, colors, and added options you picked out) for the approval process. Talk to your local store manager about any other materials your need to acquire approval.


Some homeowner's associations may not be very active and may not enforce their rules much. If you choose not to follow their guidelines, your shed builder will not be responsible for the possible consequences. For example, If you neighbor files a complaint to your HOA that normally is fairly lax with the rules, they will mostly likely enforce them after the complaint. 



Every HOA is different and has varying guidelines. At Pine Creek Structures, we are not responsible for making sure that the building you order meets your HOA rules. But we are happy to help you choose the the right size, style, colors, and options to meet the requirements you bring to us after researching. Keep in mind: Other county, city, or state requirements may also affect the building your choose. While most homeowner's association guidelines are often more strict than these policies, you still want to ensure you follow all policies.





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