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8 Things To Consider When Shopping For Your New Shed

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Choosing a shed or garage to purchase can be a big decision. Below are a few key points to think about when choosing the structure that's right for you, your property, and your storage needs.



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1. What will you be storing inside? This will help determine what size and style of the storage shed you realistically need. It will also help you determine any added options you may need. For example: If you need a place to work on projects, you may choose to add a workbench with pegboard on the wall behind it. If you have seasonal items to store, you may desire a loft that allows you to hide them away and free up floor space. If you plan to store a lawn mower, ATV, or motorcycle, you may want to add a diamond tread plate to the threshold and also purchase a ramp.


2. What size do you need? Think about all the items you plan to store inside. Keep in mind, you want room to grow as well. Many customers often say 'I wish I would have brought a bigger shed' or 'I need another shed!' after a few years. We have never heard a customer tell us that the shed he or she bought was too big! If you are limited in the amount of yard space you have for a shed, consider adding lofts and shelving to your shed. This adds a ton of useful storage space without using up anymore yard space.


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3. Is there a door and window layout that works best for you? At Pine Creek Structures, you have a great amount of flexibility on door and window placement for no extra cost! When deciding window and door placement, think about where your shed will be at your home and how you will be using it. We can also customize your shed with extra windows and doors or even make them larger. If you plan to store large items (like an atv or side-by-side), measure the width and height. You'll want to make sure you doorway is wide enough and has enough clearance to safely move large items in and out of your new shed.


4. What style do you prefer? Sheds come in many styles. The style you choose can effect the cost, usefulness, and attractiveness of your shed. For example, a Dutch Barn (also known as a Gambrel Barn) has more overhead space than many other style sheds. Compared to a standard peak shed, a Cape Cod style shed is more attractive with a steeper roof, all around overhangs, and an extra door included standard. However a Peak style shed will be less expensive than a Cape Cod style. Learn about all our shed styles and the pros and cons of each here.


Snap a photo of your house with your cell before you leave. This will help you decide what color siding, trim, shutter, and roof to choose when you're at our store.5. Do you want it to match your house? Consider this when choosing the style, siding type, and colors of your shed. Make the color choosing decision easy... Snap a photo of your house with your cell before you leave. This will help you decide what color siding, trim, shutter, and roof to choose when you're at our store. If you are able, bring a chip from your home's siding so you can match with even more confidence!


6. Does your Home Owners Association or township have any requirements? Some HOAs restrict the size or colors of a structure you place in your yard. Many townships require a permit for your structure, but some may have other requirements as well. If your township requires building plans or any specific construction, let your local store manager know before you finalize your order. We'll help you make sure they building you order meet these requirements and that you have all the necessary information to acquire your permit.


7. Where will you place your structure? Our standard delivery is with a truck and trailer. If you have limited access or terrain that is difficult to cross, your shed can be delivered with our Shed Mule instead. If you have no access or access that is smaller than the width of your structure, our service team can build your structure on site. Also keep site prep in mind! Your new shed will require a prepared site that is level. Learn more about delivery and site prep here. Also keep in mind: Your HOA or township may require your new structure to be a certain distance from your property line.


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8. What is your budget? Purchasing a storage shed can be a big financial decision and we want you to be sure of that decision! The size, style, siding type, and extra options you choose are all factors in the price of your building. Pine Creek Structures requires a down payment when you place your order. The balance must then be paid upon delivery. If you are looking for a monthly payment rather than having to pay the full cost upfront, ask us about Rent To Own and Financing options. We offer a 36-month Rent To Own program with NO credit check on many of our products. We also offer financing options for customers with approved credit. Find out more about how to order and your payment options here.






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