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10 Ways To Use Your New Storage Shed

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Outdoor storage sheds have many unique uses today. Our customers design their new buildings for a variety of different purposes. A shed can be used for much more than just extra storage space. A new building adds extra space to you home for any purpose your mind can create! Here are our top 10 uses for a new storage shed:


Top 10 Uses for Storage Sheds: Home Offices

1. Home Office

Turn your backyard building into a space to get work done. A dedicated work space that is separate from your home has many benefits. The separate space eliminates distractions from your family, guests, and all the things in your home. Moving your work items into their own space in a backyard building also frees up space in your home. Having a separate workspace can help those that work from home find a better work life balance.


Top 10 Uses for Storage Sheds: Small Business Storefront or Vendor Booths

2. Small Business Storefront or Vendor Booths

Portable storage buildings are a great way to promote your small business. Many holiday markets utilize storage sheds to rent as booths for vendors. If you are running your small business out of your home, a storage shed can offer a professional storefront for your business and products while maintaining your privacy inside your home.


Top 10 Uses for Storage Sheds: She Sheds or Man Caves

3. She Shed or Man Cave

If you want a space all your own that's 'no partners allowed', a storage shed may be the perfect option. Many couples desire their own spaces to decompress on their own. Setup your space with all the decor and furniture you love without needing to compromise with anyone. Create a space all your own to enjoy the activities and hobbies you enjoy most.


Top 10 Uses for Storage Sheds: Arts and Crafts Studio

4. Art/Craft Studio

If you love creating art or crafting, you probably have an overflowing amount of supplies. Reclaim your home and create your own studio inside a backyard building. Having a separate studio space allows you to have a unique and inspiring environment for creating. No need to clean your project and supplies off the table so your have room to eat dinner! Leave your projects in a backyard studio as your work on completing them.


Top 10 Uses for Storage Sheds: Workshop

5. Workshop

While some people have an huge amount of craft supplies, others may have an array of tools and need a space to work on their own projects. Add a workbench, shelves, a loft, and pegboard to a storage shed to create a workshop and organize all your tools. A workbench creates a dedicated space for working on projects. We recommend pegboards on the walls around your workbench to organize all your tools and keep them in reach.


Top 10 Uses for Storage Sheds: Guest Room

6. Guest Room 

A backyard building can be a great solution if you love having guests, but your family takes up all the bedrooms in your home. Place the building near your home's backdoor for an easy guest room that has nearby access to the bathroom at night and the kitchen in the morning. You can even add a porch to create an outdoor seating area for your guests.


Top 10 Uses for Storage Sheds: Weekend Campsite Cabin

7. Weekend Campsite Cabin

A storage shed can be a great alternative to a camper for anyone with a weekend getaway campsite. Place a shed in your campsite to use as a bedroom during your stay, enjoy the fire circle as your 'living room', and take advantage of the campground's facilities to avoid dealing with the mess and headache of your own plumbing and sewer setup and cleanup. It also doubles as secure storage space for all your stuff while you are away.


Top 10 Uses for Storage Sheds: Backyard Party Barn (Snacks, Drinks, TV, Games, etc)

8. Backyard Party Barn (Snacks, Drinks, TV, Games, etc)

If you love entertaining in your backyard in the summer, a shed can be a great addition. Use a shed to create more unique space for the party. Add a serving window and counter for setting up drinks and snacks. Store pool toys, towels, sunscreen, bug spray and other pool party essentials inside. Add a TV for watching movies. Setup a table and chairs on the porch for playing games. The options are endless!


Top 10 Uses for Storage Sheds: Concession Stands

9. Concession Stand

Unitize a storage shed as a concession stand at a game or event. A building creates an easy to identify place for customers to visit and purchase food, snacks, and drinks. It also allows your to have a secure place at the field or venue to store supplies between events and games.


Top 10 Uses for Storage Sheds: Storage

10. Storage!

Lastly, a great use for a storage sheds is.... storage! A shed creates a designated place for items your just can't fit inside your home. Put the extra space to work for storing items like lawn mowers, ATVs, golf carts, bicycles, kids outdoor toys, tools, gardening supplies, holiday decor, pool toys, maintenance equipment, seasonal items, baby supplies, camping equipment, sports equipment, and more!




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